Thursday, November 3, 2016

Angel of the Storm

I'm not sure why I haven't shown this picture here before. I think there were problems reproducing it. But here is my "Angel of the Storm," commissioned by my friend Maura Bernard. Maura is a fascinating person: a religious clergy person, a professor of media studies, a radio DJ, and a musician. She actually owns the pink harp you see in the painting. 
As she commissioned the painting, she wanted a vision of the “Angel of the Storm,” playing
her bright pink harp. I made the Angel an idealized portrait of her. Windswept white hair surrounds her as the Angel floats on the cumulonimbus cloudtops. The color deepens under the clouds to storm green and tornado black, with lightning bolts for harp strings and a big lightning bolt coming from the harp. Maura now lives in Florida with her sister Melissa, where they can enjoy tropical weather and thunderstorms all year around.

Acrylic on hardboard, 16" x 26", spring 2006. Click for larger view.

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Tristan Alexander said...

Very nice...a bit pastel for me but it works. The pink harp being a required part, I can see why you did it the way you did. Some of the iridescent looking parts are amazing.