Thursday, November 10, 2016

Irrelevant Fan Art Combat Scene

It's Post Apocalypse time for many of my friends but as a pragmatic type I can't stop my life because Turnip and his crew won the Elexit? Electopocolypse? Trumping? Blogging comes first, dammit, until someone censors me for inappropriate content. Or I run out of disc space. Really, after 8 years and more than 2500 images you'd think that Google (or whoever runs Blogger) would warn me that I'm running out of space on whatever shelf of Cloud bookcase is designated as mine. Well one of the ways I contemplate survival is an oldie but goodie which is, kiss up to the rich and powerful and do art for them. I have done this in the past. Too bad the Churches don't commission art any more. Another oldie but goodie is to station yourself near a commodity and its milieu that people can't live without and for me that's wine. Which is why I've been so successful (in a relative way of course, I'm not a wine celebrity) with my wine art and subjects. The rich and powerful gather at wineries! The rich and powerful of this apocalyptic age are tech folks as well because I believe that they are the new knights and ladies of our world. These neo-medieval thoughts are just taking up space on my Blog until I think of something that will give us all some time to think of survival strategies. Or ignore this altogether.

Fan art from a Darkover zine. Black ink on illustration board, 8" x 10", summer 1985.

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