Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Archangel Michael Defend Us

After the events of tonight involving the election, it is probable that I will spend the next four years in the hidden world of my imagination, keeping my head down and trying to avoid negative attention from whatever passes my way. I'll keep blogging as long as I have art to put up here. The people who frequent this Blog, all five of them, are a vanishing breed: kind, thoughtful, and morally decent. I really appreciate you all, and hope you don't get bored and stop visiting.

Here's the Archangel Michael again, this time spearing a monster which is a cross between a centipede and a scorpion. I met fantasy author Madeleine L'Engle at a convention in Callifornia, "Fantasy Worlds West," where she was Guest of Honor. During conversations with her I offered to draw her a Michael Angel portrait and this is the result.

Archangel Michael is an important being to me as I belong to an esoteric Christian religious group called the "Order of St. Michael." I have been with them since their founding in 1989. Their theme and dedication has varied over the years but recently it has become in my opinion too fond of pretty and boring theatrical rituals about angels. In this increased atmosphere of brutality, conniving, abuse, and profanity we need a stronger commitment to defend against the onslaught.

Original drawing in a folk-art style is ink on illustration board, 7" x 10", June 1985.


Mike said...

I was bewildered by the news this morning. I figured it was going to be a close race, but wow . . . these next four years are going to be curious indeed.

Tristan Alexander said...

Love your sense of style and design!