Friday, November 4, 2016

Irojiten colored pencils

My "Irojiten" colored pencil set arrived and here is a picture of it partly unboxed. "Irojiten" means "dictionary of colors" in Japanese. There are 9 folder boxes which you see with covers in very tasteful muted colors. Each folder has a different color theme, such as light bright (lower center) and darker neutralized (upper left center). There are other theme boxes such as greyish neutral and very pale. There is even a box of fluorescent colors for sunsets and graphic effects. The folder boxes also come with printed sample colors and drawing examples. The whole package is so elegantly designed that I hesitate to pull the pencils out and use them! I suppose I could bring the set to my next on-site drawing destination but I already have plenty of colored pencils for that use. Since these pencils are Japanese I expect this level of design and when using them in the studio I should pretend that I am practicing a form of tea ceremony for artists.

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Tristan Alexander said...

WOW, you will have to let me know how they are and if they are worth expensive were they?