Saturday, November 12, 2016

Calling the Wild Horses part 7

The Horse-tamer's daughter uses her psychic rapport with horses to call a herd of them to her to defend the tower and village against the invading wizards. The song says she called seven mares and a stallion to the fight. I drew eight horses though it looks like seven, you can just see the head of one of them behind the lead horse who is the stallion. 

Here's a closer look at the movement of hooves and one set of human wearing boots on the stone floor of the old tower psychic power station. Editing this set out of the original layouts has been quite a job.Yes, I wish I had done it in sequential frames. Maybe I'll try it on the Cintiq if I can improve its performance. I need wi fi to do this and I don't have it, the system broke down last year and I haven't had the opportunity to have it fixed. Now that the old house is sold and I don't have to go back to Massachusetts maybe I can do that. Call Cox Communications on the psychic power station.

Ink on illustration board, summer 1984.

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Regina Krause said...

Horse herds can be led by mares in absence of an available stallion. Just saying.