Sunday, November 13, 2016

Classical Art Model

I haven't drawn one of these in a long time so here she is. She is originally a model in the excellent boon for artists image series, "Art Models" books. Her moment under the lights has made countless artists happy because they had a model to draw when no life drawing was available. She has doubtless gone on to other pursuits and will never know that she helped so many artists. Likewise those of you who are feeling depressed over current events, if you can do something or make something or fix something, you must keep doing it and also showing it and making it known because you never know who you might help without your being there at all. I learned this over the years and have to remind myself of it every so often. Even if my drawing isn't so great, as long as I did it and made it known.

Ink on sketchbook page with a little bit of Photoshop correction, 5" x 7", November 13, 2016.

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