Monday, October 20, 2008

2009 Colors

Each year I choose a color, or a combination of colors, to feature in my graphics experiments. I like to see what I can do within these limits. 2008, which is almost over, was a cyan-blue year. 2009 will have a combination of colors: black, intense purple, and bright yellow. Here's an Adobe + Photoshop sketch of what you can expect from this exploration in the coming year. I may or may not do something like this in "traditional" paint media. 


Mike said...

Interesting idea of limiting yourself to a set palette for the year.
I like next year's colour combo.

ecccch said...

How do you determine which color(s) will be used? draw them out of a hat or is it more calculated?

.....inquiring emikk

Pyracantha said...

Thanks for commenting. How do I determine the Year Colors? I know this will sound "woo-woo," but around the middle to end of August, I enter into a mystical meditative state in which I ask the Imaginal Reality to give me my colors for the year. The colors which appear in my visualization are the year colors. For 2009, the visualization gave me the purple and black. I added the bright yellow later when I was doing sign graphics in that color and realized how interesting it was when paired with purple/black.
So it's a mixture of mysticism and commercial art.