Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pinned Up

Learning figure drawing means learning to draw pin-up babes as well. These are pictures of ideal, enhanced women, to which "real" women can only aspire, no matter how much surgery and artificial helps they have. This image started out as a photograph of some "real" model somewhere, but by the time it was published (on an Internet "fitness model" site I believe) it had been heavily worked over in Photoshop.

Imagine wearing the "body jewelry" get-up seen here. Your "salient points" are accented with little bits of shiny plastic, which are held on not only by glue but by thin chains which bind them to your body. Not only that, it looks like this jewelry "harness" is anchored in her navel piercing, thus making her a pinned-up pin-up. Imagine doing anything else but posing in these plastic bits and chains. She would also be wearing high heels, if I had drawn the rest of her. Downtown in the city of dreams, she's available for you. 

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