Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Comic Co-Worker

I am currently photographing my co-workers at Trader Joe's for "crew member endorsements," where people select their favorite product to promote. Their picture goes on a sign which I design and write. I could not get a decent photo of this co-worker, so I decided to take one of my lousy pictures and do a comic book rendering of him instead. This was done in Photoshop, in a method that is often used in graphics and comic books. Photoshop allows you to "trace" over a photograph on a transparent "layer," as if it were electronic tracing paper (the real tracing paper, we used to do the same thing back in the old days). Then you can add in colors on another "layer" which allows you to color in the drawing without changing the drawing itself. Ain't technology grand, at least when it works. 

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