Saturday, October 4, 2008

Crumpled Crumbs

I had a multigrain bagel from Panera today, and this is the wrapper. The idea was to draw something crumpled up,  in close detail. Here it is in ink colored with Photoshop. That wraps up my current series of "Dodson Doodles," the exercises in creativity which I have been following from the book "Drawing with Imagination," by Bert Dodson. I looked ahead in the book, and found that subsequent art exercises were complex and time-consuming, that is, they were getting to be too much like work. Work!? Forget that! I have enough work. I would like to do at least some art which is more like "fun" than work. And also closer to my intentions as a fantasy and comic book artist. So Dodson is back on the shelf, at a safe distance from Burne Hogarth's smelly feet. 

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