Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New England Classic Autumn

Greetings from New England, where I have spent some time out of a perfect fall day doing an on-site drawing on the village green. Natick, Massachusetts is an old town 20 miles west of Boston, full of history and bright autumn colors. The drawing you see here is of a Civil War monument and behind the trees, the Congregational church. The pen drawing was done on site with color indications, and was then colored in markers later on, indoors. Then I took a digital photo of the artwork and added in the blue sky with Photoshop. Ain't technology grand, though it isn't the classic "plein air" oil painting that an old-school artist would do completely in one session at the site. 

Natick is where I grew up. I am attending my elderly parents for a week. I came for my mother's 87th birthday which was on October 26. She is doing pretty well for someone of those years. My father is not doing so well, he is 88 years old. Sometimes in Natick it is like a Norman Rockwell painting come to life, but not always. 

I think we have seen the last of the beautiful warm weather, it is supposed to become rainy and even snowy tomorrow, so no more sitting outside and drawing. 

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