Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Plain and Super

Two drawings from the same model, one of them "realistic," and the other as fantasy character or superhero. To transform a woman into a fantasy, you need big hair, huge breasts, exaggerated curves and perfect round butt, while still keeping her thin and graceful. You also need high heels and an unreal skimpy costume. 

I haven't quite got the babe-u-lous appearance yet, I will be practicing drawing more of them. 

All women in comic books (of course with some exceptions) are young and relentlessly sexy. All female comic book costumes or even ordinary dress (with very rare exceptions) have bare midriffs. Imagine what it would be like if all of us women were required to wear streetwear with bare midriffs, even in the winter. We would have to exercise more and restrict our eating, lest we be pulled from view for outright ugliness. Even female political candidates would have to debate on television wearing an outfit with a bare midriff. Lately, public life seems to be some sort of bizarre comic book anyway.  


ecccch said...

This demonstrates, in my opinion, the difference between Ginger and Maryanne in the tv program Gilligans Isle.

Mary said...

I think one of the powers of "Super" must be defying gravity... Either that or she's got a super bra too.

Pyracantha said...

The gravity-defying boobage is "pneumatic" that is it depends on lighter-than-air gas, which is a corollary of "inflation theory."
Great to hear from you Mary, I'm glad you're frequenting "Art By-Products!" Hope you visit often.