Saturday, October 18, 2008

More Action Girls

Back in April and May I began my quest to learn how to draw human figures well. Now, in October, I'm nearly finished with this phase of my project. I had resolved to use up every page of a sketchbook that had about a hundred pages in it, and now I am at the end of it. More than one of my drawing textbooks suggests drawing lots of sketchy little figures. I didn't have the confidence to do them before, but here are a few fresh ones, drawn from memory with no photograph or model. I know there are some mistakes in them, but I think I'm a better figure draw-er than before I started the project. Once the notebook is done, I will continue with fantasy figures. Note that the "pirate girl" though fighting with a sword still wears a skimpy outfit with a low neckline for "cleavage." Is there any way around this for illustrators? Must every female be depicted as busty, sexy, and scantily clad, no matter what she is doing? I suppose if I want to have (straight) male readers, I'll have to do that. It's human nature, formed by evolutionary biology; you can't go against it. 

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