Friday, October 10, 2008

Autumn at Starbucks

I used to decorate the coffee board on a number of Starbuckses in my area, but the Corporation cracked down on it and forbade me to do it. Their policy, as the managers told me, was that only people who actually worked at that Starbucks were allowed to do the designs, and that the images had to be exactly copied from the example in the promotion book. Never mind that my designs attracted a lot of customers and probably sold plenty of coffee; Starbucks wanted the boards to reflect the "team spirit" of the employees. But one brave manager (I will not name him nor say which Starbucks he works at) continued to keep my decorated boards and invited me to do more. So this is the only Starbucks I embellish with my original designs. Since the corporate rules don't allow me to be paid in money, I receive coffee and merchandise for my efforts.

I did this board on Thursday evening October 9 (the empty center now contains the ad for the current promotion). In keeping with the theme from last night's post, this is a mixture of Deco and Native American design. I have filled in the center as the flash light reflected too brightly off the black board. Medium is acrylic markers on a laminated board, adapted with some Photoshop. 

This will stay up on the board about a month, and then I'll re-do it with a "winter holiday" theme in November.

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