Sunday, November 2, 2008

Back from the old country

I'm back from Massachusetts and ready to go back to work doing day job and all sorts of projects. My parents are not doing well and I really wish they could have help in their house, but my 88-year-old father, who lives a diminished existence with numerous physical and (untreated) mental problems, refuses to pay for it, even though our family is not poor and has enough money. The house is full of dust and clutter. My father hoards the clutter and will not tolerate any of it being moved let alone thrown away. He used to be "Mr. Fix-It" because he would not pay for any specialists to do the work if he could manage it himself. All the debris from 30 years of "fix-it" jobs is still collected in parts of the house, including many shelves of old and possibly dried-up paint. Father still believes that he will go back to all these jobs and so he needs the (important materials) debris, which has not been touched for 10 years and sometimes 20 or more. This drawing of clutter in what was once an art studio is from 2000, but the view is more or less the same now. Everything is covered with dust. My father is so devoid of energy that he spends most of his time sitting on the couch dozing in front of the TV, day and night. If he manages to do some work, he will not be able to do anything for a day afterward.

It is possible that my father is suffering from side-effects of the many prescriptions he is taking for his auto-immune disorder and heart/blood pressure problems, but he won't go to the doctor, because my father believes that doctors can't help him. I don't know whether it is just old age that has turned Father into a zombie. He is also seriously deaf and won't get a hearing aid because it costs money. I found it very hard to communicate with my father when I was at home, mostly because he is too deaf to hear me and sometimes I wonder whether he is "confused."  

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