Sunday, November 9, 2008

Portrait of the Artist

Most of the people who read this Blog know what I look like, but for the people who happen by this place and don't, here is a fairly accurate self-portrait. I am an orc. Most orcs are fighters, but I am stuck being an artist instead of a maker of mayhem. Instead, I turn to cheap wine and mind-numbing artwork about pastries and pretty landscapes. Don't believe those game illustrations showing sexy female orcs. Every female in fantasy is young, half-naked, and always sexy. Real female orcs look like me. Don't bother me in my studio. You won't like my orc-ish reaction. 


Mike said...

I've always felt Orcs were misunderstood. Personally, I think they're awesome! That must mean you are too. ;]

Mary said...

Those are some teeth. I assume you use them to tear out the cork on the wine? If you did that in a bar full of bikers, I think you'd earn some serious respect... That picture needs a leather coat to complete its awesomeness.

ecccch said...

To tell you the truth, I don't know what "orc" (the acronym) stands for, I figgered out (pretty much) what it is, and that's cool. Have you thought about a modeling career?