Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Twelve Years Autumn Past

I can see lots of urban trees out my window, and every year I do sketches of them. This is a view of particularly nice autumn colors in 1996. It is done in gouache (opaque watercolor) on brown paper. I very rarely use gouache because it is so fragile and fade-able. There was similar tree color this year, but I figured, why paint an image of it, because I already painted it in 1996.

I will be having my 2004-vintage Dell laptop serviced soon. Meanwhile, my iMac, lord of all it surveys, has suddenly gotten the vapors and its fan is running full blast, for no reason that I can see. I haven't blocked its air intake. I haven't insulted it or overloaded it. Or have I? I better post this before it explodes. What? Macs are PERFECT! There must be some good reason for this behavior that this user is too stupid to understand.

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