Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Brilliant Sugar

In keeping with the porch-and-fall-leaves theme I have been doing at work, here is one of its precursors: an ink and watercolor picture from my 1984 sketchbook, dated October 11. This is a grand old house on Garfield Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In those days, the house was not in such good repair (it has been renovated now) but the architectural details were very sketchworthy. And in the fall the sugar maples on this street put on an eye-blasting display of color. I did not enhance the colors here, I tried to make them as accurate as I could. 

Back in Massachusetts my father seems to be recovering, though his mental state is still "iffy." He was able to hold a lucid conversation with me though after a while he started to ramble. I don't know how to care for an old person and what is "normal" and what is not. I hope he gets some sort of professional care. My mother is looking into it but cost, and my father's resistance, is an ongoing problem.

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Cape Cod Memories said...

What a brilliant artist you are! When I saw this image, I thought of a "Colette" print (whose work I admire very much - are you familiar with him? He did artwork of brownstones in Boston and old clapboarded homes around Massachusetts). Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind commment!