Wednesday, November 12, 2008


A quick improvisation in Photoshop. I work with Photoshop because I have to, but I would really like to also work with CorelDraw, a program which has many features I don't find in Photoshop. CorelDraw is only for PC, not Mac. I have an old PC laptop which has CorelDraw 12, but I would like to get an updated version. Dell is offering "Studio" laptops, which seem to be aimed at artistic types, for a fair price. However everyone I know tells me not to get any PC, let alone a Dell, and that Windows Vista is universally poisonous. "Once you go MAC, you'll never go BACK." But...I am not as insanely devoted to the Mac system as its advocates are. And since I am a superficial arty type, I will admit that I am attracted to this Dell "Studio" laptop because it comes in orange, my favorite color. If Macintoshes came in orange instead of milky white, I'd probably buy one of those. I am not referring to the candy-colored iMacs of some years ago, which looked like sticky lollipops.

I am told that this majestic iMac has an option of running lowly twisted Windows if you do something to its innards. Then I could switch over to this pseudo-Windows to do work in CorelDraw. And then this Mac would seize even more than it already does with Photoshop/Illustrator CS2. Oh, sorry, Macs don't seize. That would be my fault for insulting it. I am tempted to get my can of spray orange paint and just vandalize it. But of course I won't.  


Mike said...

For the record, there's absolutely no problems with Vista. There were problems when it first eight months or so, but not anymore. The problem is that bashing Vista is the "hip thing to do", which is why it's still being flogged by anyone and everyone.
I use Vista 100% of the time, including all the software you're using, and it works just fine. I've never had Photoshop crash once... mind you, I haven't had Photoshop crash in years and I use it daily.
Macs USED to not crash, but that spinning beach ball of death is my nemesis now.

Mary said...

I painted parts of my computer with nail polish -- sparkly nail polish no less -- back when I was in high school. Even the keyboard, I covered with strange and colorful symbols, little crescent moons and rocket ships and spirals. (I'm a good touch typist). If I, a supposedly "left brained" mathematical type, can do it, I don't see why you shouldn't.

I see lots of computers covered with bumper stickers and decals. I think paint looks better than that, especially as it ages, assuming you use the right paint/enamel/whatever. I dunno about a spray, though. You don't want little droplets getting inside the case. Painting it on with a brush seems better. Or you could go the sticker route, producing an image on sticky contact paper...

Why not depict a whole scene on the case? I remember an artistic friend of mine decorating the top of her graduation mortar with a detailed portrait of a Telly-Tubby. I still admire her for that.

LauraJ said...

If you must get a PC, you might want to wait til "Windows 7" comes out. Or you you could Bootcamp, the Mac app for running windows, and you could paint your computer.

ecccch said...

I didn't realise there was so much contraversy going on with this stuff. I have been thinking of getting "photoshop" but now I'm all confused....maybe I'll just stick with crayons.