Thursday, November 6, 2008

Monument to Something

There's a spherical monument to something, placed on a planetary wasteland somewhere in the galaxy. Who built it? What does it commemorate? How old is it? No one knows. It shows no sign of age or wear, and so far has not been seen to move, despite its apparent lack of anchoring to the ground surface. Speculations are that it is an atom from an alternate universe, even though it is three meters in diameter. Image created in almighty Photoshop on a pretentious iMac.

My father is home from the hospital and my mother has to take care of him. But he is so weak he can hardly get out of his chair. He snarls at my mother and refuses her help. He continues to be mentally confused. My mother spent a morning attempting to arrange some in-house help from service agencies. They are not poor enough to get state services for free. But father refuses any service that has to be paid for. The story is ongoing. Thanks commenters for your kind remarks. 

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