Saturday, December 13, 2008

Holiday Screams

Now, back to current work. As the holiday season progresses we signmakers are being asked to make louder, brighter, and bigger signs. It's dark and cold outside and shoppers are tired and stressed. The manager asks me to make signs that "scream." He wants more and more intensity.

This is a temporary matter. After the holiday season we are planning to do a whole new look of bright, cheerful, and focused signage. Meanwhile, I designed this gift card sign with shiny metallic papers and big block letters, in the hope that people will realize that a Trader Joe's gift card is a really good idea for those people who already have loads of cluttery stuff and should get consumable presents that disappear. It's good for people like co-workers whose preferences you might not know. You can send a gift card through the mail, too. It works out quite well, as long as the recipient lives near a Trader Joe's. If they don't, then a selection of TJ's dry goodies and sweets makes an excellent "care package." (This ad was not paid for by Trader Joe's, though I suppose in essence it was, since they pay me.)

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