Friday, December 12, 2008

Malachite Mini-Universe

In my fannish days when I went to a lot of science fiction conventions, it was popular to wear an artistic namebadge as well as your "official" convention nametag. I was commissioned to do many of these for friends, and I also did a number of them for myself. They are all 3 1/2 inches by 2 1/4 inches, designed to fit into a plastic cardholder fastened to your clothing (or costume) by a pin in the back. Mine were mostly watercolor and gouache on thick paper. The design always had to have room for a frame where the name would go. This one has my Detested Mundane Name on it, since I had not yet found another name to go by. I have removed the Detested Mundane Name with the miracle of Photoshop, leaving only the background color of the original lettering. The little card was somewhat worn since not only had it been used at a convention but it had been stuck to the inside of a portfolio filled with other artwork which rubbed against it. So I have again used technical magic to restore the freshness of this image, which was done in 1977. Its title is "Malachite Universe," and you can see the textures of malachite semi-precious stone in the design. See, even then I was working with geometric abstraction just as I do now, but only in miniatures. In those days I was much more involved with Green than with Orange, and I did a lot of images in variations of that color. I hardly ever use green in a painting nowadays, unless it's for landscaping.

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