Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Lost Amusements

In the early and mid-80s I had a friend who was obsessed with amusement parks. She and I would go to parks on the Massachusetts coast, and while she was knocking herself silly on rides and the roller coaster, I would draw pictures. This one was done sometime in 1984 at the Salisbury Beach amusement area on Massachusetts' north shore. It depicts the "Himalaya," a carousel-like ride which also bumped you up and down. I still remember the barker calling out "And now we're gonna go around REAL FAST!" 

The picture has faded a lot since I drew it, so I decided to restore the colors with Photoshop. Even so, there isn't much I can do to enhance the brown ink lines, which are now a pale orangish color. For all I know, the "Himalaya" ride still exists. There is still an amusement park at Salisbury Beach. Maybe I'll go there again someday.

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