Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lovesick in Atlantis

I was still new to the Northern Virginia area when I did this piece. My notes say that I did it in the one-room apartment I had in Arlington, which I only occupied for one year (1988-1989). The piece is called "Lovesick in Atlantis," and is an illustration from one of "Darkover" author Marion Zimmer Bradley's romance/fantasy stories set in legendary Atlantis. The heroine still has red hair, of course. Architecturally clever people will recognize the setting I used: it's the pool and colonnade at "San Simeon," the palace that William Randolph Hearst built near Santa Barbara, California.

The painting is 8" x 10", and is painted in gouache (opaque watercolor) on illustration board, in May 1989. I was experimenting with gouache at that time, and soon abandoned it for acrylic, which is much more durable. It was bought by a collector soon after it was painted, and it has probably disappeared forever by now.

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