Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Year Graphics

Here's my newest sign for Trader Joe's sparkling fruit and berry sodas. The numbers are big because that's what their sign marketing standards insist on. I'm trying a bit of new graphic design for this one, at least on the border and the top half. We'll be ringing in the new year of 1964, and after the terrible events of 1963, we can all use a bit of optimism and hope. We'll be sending more astronauts into space, and this summer the New York World's Fair will open! I hope I can go see the "Futurama" which will feature the city as it will be in 2000!...what? it's 2008? Almost 2009? What happened? Where's the future? Is this it? 


Mary said...

I bought a bottled water from a machine using my debit card the other day. $1.75 was withdrawn from my account. Pretty soon, they say I'm going to be able to ride the El without tokens or fare cards. So I'm thinking we already have an electronic money system, and the future is here.

emikk said...

I predict purple and lime will be the colors of 2009.

Pyracantha said...

I am still waiting for my silver spandex bodysuit and boots, along with the bubble helmet to go with it.