Sunday, August 9, 2009

ArtSpace Falls Church

I was on "guard" duty at the new "ArtSpace" gallery of Falls Church Arts, downtown. The only people who visited were three of the arts association members, and two of my friends whom I had invited to have dinner with me after the sitting shift was over. I drew this while sitting in the empty gallery.

The planners of the rebuilding of Falls Church center have the buildings, but they don't yet have the people. The gallery is unfinished, too, but the association has gone ahead and put art on the walls anyway, and there's an improvised performance space for small plays or concerts. The chairs for the audience are piled up near the rectangular column and elsewhere in the room. It'll get more together in the future, I'm sure. Two of my paintings were on the wall here, but they were astronomical abstractions and much out of place in a show filled with images of flowers and landscapes. I need to figure out where to put what, when it comes to my art.

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nateprentice said...

Sorry your organization had a weak showing. At least it was out there.