Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The RKO Girl

The time: Late August, 1986. The place: "ConFederation," the World Science Fiction Convention, held in Atlanta, Georgia. I was there, sketchbook in hand. There was plenty to draw, though I didn't have the time or the ability to render the incredible architecture of John Portman, who designed the Marriott Marquis which hosted the convention. My favorite people to draw were the costumers, who brought their best get-ups to Worldcon and loved to pose.

This character is the "RKO Girl," modeled after the Art-Deco stylings of the RKO Radio Pictures logo of the 1930s. The radio tower and zigzag electric waves became a superheroine costume in sparkling pewter-grey, black, and silver. Her helmet had a mirror visor. The RKO Girl was played by Canadian costumer Patty Mercier.

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