Monday, August 17, 2009

Cosmic Runner

The athletic practice of "jogging" or slow street running became popular in America in the late 70s. I got a commission from my dentist, who was then a dedicated jogger, to do a picture of him running. This was the result, done in watercolor and acrylic, 14" x 10", in the spring of 1978. (Click on the image for a somewhat larger view.) It is an early manifestation of what has become my "abstract astronomical geometric" style, complete with space, planets, and clouds. My dentist is in the blue jogging suit, and he is pursued by an angel in a red jogging suit, wearing a "Number 1" blue ribbon.

Looking back at this image, it looks more than a little threatening, and perhaps I meant it to be back then. Angels aren't always sweet friendly little things. And running has always seemed to me something more out of compulsion and rat-racing than fun.

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emikk said...

Did your dentist practice oral hygiene while jogging?