Sunday, August 23, 2009

Home Sweet Home 2010

This picture is titled "Somerville in Space." Somerville is a large, working-class city next to Cambridge, Mass. and it is often the subject of jokes comparing its grunginess to the snootiness of Harvard's Cambridge. But there are many large, architecturally interesting houses in Somerville and when I lived in Cambridge, one block from the Somerville border, I used to draw them constantly. This is a portrait of a real house in Somerville, which I did in acrylic on masonite in 1980; painting is 14" x 18". Well, the house is real. That it's built on an Earthlike moon of a giant planet, perhaps that is not so real. I was inspired by the work of Ray Bradbury here. He used to juxtapose traditional Americana town scenes with weird settings on other planets. This picture was used in 1984 as the cover art for a book called HOME SWEET HOME 2010 A.D. by Dean Ing and Mack Reynolds.

Wait a minute. Home Sweet Home 2010? That's NEXT YEAR, people!

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Tristan Alexander said...

Nice! So you want a big house off world someplace by next year? Don't think it's gona happen :(