Saturday, August 22, 2009


They're going to start digging on Route 7 soon, and the machines are already in place. This is part of the huge construction project which is intended to turn Tysons Corner, my "edge city" urban environment, from a sprawling line of shopping centers and malls into an even more heavily built-up city with high-rise buildings and a Metro line which goes, uh, all over the place so we don't have to use cars. At least this is the plan. It sounds dreadful and once the digging starts even my five-minute car trip to work is going to get difficult.

I love earth moving machines and heavy equipment though, and love to draw them and construction sites, so at least visually this will be interesting. Here's a drawing of one of the machines, ("Nothing runs like a Deere") waiting for its user to smash the earth in the name of progress.

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