Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cloud Doodle

Summer is so brief, I keep wanting to bottle it or somehow keep it so that I can always feel the warmth and the humidity. Where is the Holodeck when I want it? And I always feel as though I should be doing something more summery this August, somehow taking advantage of this short month of heat before the cold and the dryness or the freezing rain returns. What should I be doing? Sitting on a porch with a cool drink, just watching the clouds go by? Splashing at the beach? Barbecuing something? I am just doing the same things I always do, no matter what the season is: going to work, dragging through the Web, babbling to my friends. The truth is that on that porch I would be sketching or reading something useful or instructive, because I cannot stand to be idle. And my ideal of a fragrant summer spent under billowy clouds in some quiet place is an illusion. I always want to get more done. Even if it's only a Photoshop doodle featuring billowy cartoon clouds and "virtual rubber-stamp" trees.

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