Saturday, August 29, 2009

Early Abstract Space Scene

I retrieved this out of my archives just recently. I had thought that I did not do geometric space abstractions in a non-miniature size until a few years ago, but here's one in a smallish but still visible size from 1982. In those days I painted many pictures, including this one, in gouache, a bright but fragile opaque watercolor. This seems to suggest a spaceport with two ships taking off together. The space and galaxy background was done by hand, not using my airbrush. I hardly recall why I painted this, in February of '82, but my records say I gave it, or traded it, to a friend, with no price mentioned. Kind of mysterious I guess; I suppose I could ask her whether she still has it or even remembers it, after 27 years.

Abstract space scene, 12" x 9", gouache on paper glued to yellow matboard, February 1982.

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