Friday, June 11, 2010

Contemporary Clothes figure study

My next assignment is to draw character studies. These are images of just a character, no background, just what might as well be a blank photo backdrop cloth. You'll be seeing a lot of these. This one here is a young guy in current clothing, as a preliminary study. A co-worker posed for me, and I drew the original line drawing with my tablet in Photoshop directly to the screen, while I viewed the photo of the guy in a separate window. Then after the line drawing was done, I colored it in, again in Photoshop. Pants are hard to draw, whether they are baggy like this guy's or slim. Legs don't always match pants. You have to be able to suggest where the knees are even if you can't see them. In later drawings I'll be working on costumes as well as ordinary clothing. The line drawing doesn't have to be done directly to the screen, though. I can more easily draw it in pencil and scan it in. I'll be an illustrator again, if I can keep this process going.

I hope you like the Orangey new design for "Art By-Products." Blogger offered it so why not fill the screen with my cheerful favorite color.

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emikk said...

I know what you mean by pants being hard to draw, they should be banned....tights only!