Sunday, June 27, 2010

Welcome, Bizmac

Let's give a hearty welcome to my latest studio computer, a brand new iMac! This beauty is a 2.8 gigaherz quad-core intel core i7, with a 27" diagonal screen and 8 gigabytes of RAM, expandable to 16. Equipped with 1 terabyte hard drive. Its name is "Bizmac," after the 1956 computer made by RCA. You also see my geometric abstraction titled "Bizmac" on the screen. A Wacom graphics tablet is visible in front of Bizmac.

Both Internet browsing and all my graphics work just dandy on this system, so I now must get creative and make it worthy of my expenditures.

Meanwhile, I seem to have to pick off Chinese and Indian spams from my comment list here every day. I wish that someone more clever than I would help Blogger combat this insidious infestation.


Mike said...

Very snazzy! :)
The 8 gigs of ram will be no doubt make Photoshop very happy.

Regarding automatic removal of spam, why not try this:

It uses the Akismet anti-spam filter, which I use on my blog, and it catches ALL the spam I get on my blog.

Perhaps you could send that link to your web-mistress. ;)

emikk said...

Looks like a setup to beat the band!