Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Spaceship Liner

What would an ocean liner in space look like? It would not be a space colony with a large area for agriculture, nor a warship bristling with weaponry. It would not necessarily be built for speed. Its job is transporting a large number of people through space, whether to a destination or on a cruise. And it should keep the passengers in comfort and luxury as well as safety. When I designed this ship, I gave it the simplest form I could, an egg or "pickle" shape. These natural shapes are the strongest and most stable. That's why I called this picture "High-Concept Spaceship." So when you go on that cruise on the Celestial Skyward line, you know you will see the galaxy from the best viewpoint and have the most fun while on your way.

"High-Concept Spaceship" is acrylic on illustration board, 14" x 20", January 1991.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen the movie "The 5th Element" and the futuristic view it has of luxury travel? While it shows a vast starship cum party barge, I do like the overall shape that you depict.

Tristan Alexander said...

Very dramatic and well done. I would say it is a good basic design. When flying saucers are seen, some are described as cigar, this is close.

Tristan Alexander said...

Not about the picture, but I just thought you might like to start following
They post alot of strange but inspiring art and related stuff.

Pyracantha said...

Regina: Right! I had forgotten all about the "Fifth Element" ship. I was thinking more of the interstellar transportation in the Julian May "Galactic Milieu" books.
Tristan: Great blog, that "Polar Bear's Tale," but wow do they ever post a lot. Someone in Denmark has a lot of time on their hands!