Monday, November 1, 2010

Celestial Ocean Shore

I have finally come to the end of digitally transcribing my space art. This is one of the last astronomical pieces I collected in color slide form. Also around 1998 I stopped doing these series of small airbrush pieces and went on to other types of art, whether "fine art" abstraction or fantasy or architectural renderings. So you won't have to yawn at my space clouds any more, unless I somehow create some new ones. Which are likely to be digitally rendered and not splattered with messy airbrush paint. I called this one "Oceanshore" because it sort of looked like waves and sand. Acrylic on illustration board, 7" x 10", January 1998.

Now that I have the study and image resources necessary to improve my art and turn myself back into an Illustrator, I find that I have become seriously stuck and unable to make any art at all other than my architectural or landscape sketches, which I can do while sipping wine, or for that matter, while asleep. I want to make exciting art with fantasy characters and beautiful women in them...anything other than houses and hills, but when I look at the fabulous stuff on deviantART I just despair of doing anything half as good. The idea that I will have to spend 10,000 hours practicing figurative and illustration sketching is also such a downer that I don't want to pick up my Wacom stylus or even my old #2 pencil. If I have to go through all these lessons and figure practice all over again, how can I make any illustration at all? No final pieces to put in my portfolio? No concept art or complete images? Well, I guess you better get used to endless pencil drawings of sketch layouts and body parts, except for my vintage art from the archival slide files, where I somehow managed to do some decent work without too much formal training at all.

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