Sunday, November 21, 2010

Iconic Mr. Spock

This is one of my most notorious images. I've sold a lot of prints of it nevertheless. I almost never do images of well-known media characters and this is a very rare exception. I did it for my friend Laura J. who at the time was a big Trek fan. Mr. Spock was her favorite character. He is depicted in a meditative pose from the movie STAR TREK II, in an "icon" conception, with halo and inscription. Two candles burn beside him, one red and one green, red for Captain Kirk and Earthling blood, green for Spock and Vulcan blood. Incense rises from a Vulcan incense burner. Some pious types objected to the Christian icon tradition re-adapted to a television and movie character.

Laura J. left this with me when she moved away and I have never returned it. She lost interest in STAR TREK and went on to other things. I know you're reading this, LauraJ, so if you want old Spock back, just say so.

"Saint Spock of the Spaceways" is acrylic on illustration board, 6" x 9", August 1985.


Tristan Alexander said...

Great image! Love all of it and this kind of iconic imagery is not reserved for Christians, many other religions use very similar iconography!

emikk said...

Since you are mixing things together, his mantra could be "nanoo, nanoo" possibly.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! :D

LauraJ said...

YOU KNEW WHERE IT WAS ALL THIS TIME? I was feeling guilty about this only last week!


Give me back my Spock!