Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lady of the Geranium

Just a little sketch done in Photoshop, inspired by Audrey Hepburn. The geranium is one of my plants which have now been taken inside away from the first frost of the season. Foxes bark outside my building in the November cold. I'm not too disappointed with this face, I am OK with pretty faces now as long as I remember the formula and the proportions.


Tristan Alexander said...

provided any comment from me is not ignored or dismissed, I think your face studies of late are lacking something. The best I can tell or advise is you need stronger lighting and more structure to them. They are all coming across to me at least, as flat! they need shadow and form!

Pyracantha said...

First, I am not going to ignore or dismiss your comments, at least on my art. You can say whatever you please about religion, but it's art that I care about. You are the only person who cares enough to post comments on my Blog here and I hope you read this answer. If you started attacking me personally for my beliefs or other reasons, then it would be different. But you have always said very reasonable and useful criticism of my art.

What you say here about my faces is true, I am not trying to render them yet but just making more or less line drawings. I don't even know how to render faces or bodies to make them look 3 dimensional. I know nothing about light, shadow and form. I feel like I've forgotten most of what I know about art and am back to beginner level, at least when it comes to drawing people. So I will have to learn this all over again. It will take a long time.