Friday, November 19, 2010

Post-Modern Judgement Day

The Post-Modern Tarot was created with the CorelDraw graphics program and was originally printed on an HP PaintJet printer. The color scheme for the cards is based on the Neo-Kabbalistic idea that each card symbolically links together two stations on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life (which resembles an esoteric flow-chart of the Universe. ). Since each station has a color, each card features two colors in combination. This one has brown and orange as its color pairing.

This concept of the Tarot comes from the same body of Western Esoteric lore that produced the "Ritual" painting that you saw here a few days ago. But I gave it a modern twist, using symbols from our own era rather than the Renaissance ones usually depicted on Tarot cards. In this one, Judgement Day is a nuclear explosion over a city. No angel with a scale will save the victims of a nuclear blast.

The "Post-Modern Tarot" (later re-named the "CorelDraw Tarot") was created on CorelDraw 3 from 1991 to 1992. Each image is 7" x 10".

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