Friday, November 12, 2010

Figure Forms

I'm back to drawing figures from formulas. This is from the Chris Hart figure drawing book I mentioned earlier. This approach is directed completely at commercial artists and comic book illustrators and is in no way "fine arty." And you know, I'm OK with that. You draw some guidelines, put together the formula shapes, attempt to get your proportions right, and just copy the drawing.

I'm supposed to copy Exquisite Renaissance Drawings by godlike Michelangelo and Raphael, or plaster casts of Greek and Roman statues, 'cause that's how Academic artists learn. But then I'm also supposed to take anatomy classes and draw day after day from real models posing in real old messy studios. If I had another life to live, sure I'd go and do that. But I don't. So I take advantage of what is offered in books and online and there's a lot more options for private learners than there used to be. Right now my drawings suck but sooner or later I'll have something that will be worth putting a costume and colors on. And for females, remember, draw the boobs first and make sure they're big and spherical.

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