Saturday, November 20, 2010

Drama Girl of Darkover

You saw the background a few days ago, now here's the finished picture. I created the "Drama Girl of Darkover" referencing from a stock photo offered on deviantART, of a girl in a white "princess" dress striking an appealing pose. I changed the colors of the dress and hair, and made her a bit more distraught. Women get distraught a lot on Darkover. The official title of this piece is "Forsaken of Darkover," which sort of tells whatever story is needed. Why she is in St. Louis, however, or what St. Louis is doing on Darkover, is a mystery. But that Archway got there somehow.

"Forsaken of Darkover" is Photoshop, 2100 pixels x 3000 pixels, 7" x 10", November 2010. You can click on the image for a bigger view.

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