Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ascended Master Couple

Ideal couples were a big part of the neo-Theosophical seven-ray mythos. Inspired by Greek (Platonic) esotericism, they envisioned souls as only half-complete, needing another soul to match with them to make them whole. This soul was called the "Twin Flame" and everyone was supposed to have one. It was, in the conservative notions of that community, only for males and females; they wouldn't dare think of two male or two female Twin Souls. In the UFO-inspired "Unarius" group, of which I've posted in the past, the various husbands of the leader Ruth "Uriel" Norman were twin souls, as were many of her astral partners. This little study depicts a pair of angelic Twin Flame Souls, ascended masters who come in benign, pale blonde pairs to serve as inspirations and escape fantasies for our broken and chaotic earthly relationships.

The models for these were the famous singing couple Nelson Eddy and Jeannette MacDonald, who made many a song-filled movie in the 1930s.

"Ascended Master Twin Ray Couple" is acrylic on illustration board, 6" x 9", November 1987.


Tristan Alexander said...

Very etherial and wedding cake topper looking! I like the technique and the feel. I guess you captured what you were trying to get.

Pyracantha said...

Hee hee thanks Tristan, I didn't think of wedding cake toppers when I did this but of course you're right. I hope I could do this one better now if I had to, but maybe not.