Friday, January 7, 2011

The Beni Elohim of Hod

This image from my Kabbalistic Angels series had to be restored. The photo was poor and the metallic decorations did not show up. They turned black in the photo, reflecting light in the wrong direction. And even back then I could see that the coated paper I used for the figure was fraying. But Photoshop came to the rescue, or rather I came to my own rescue using something which hardly even existed in that era. I cleaned up the frayed areas, removed dust and specks, and then re-created the gold foil stars and swooshes as if they were shiny metal again. Now, even though the original probably doesn't exist any more, (or is buried in my own collection), Beni Elohim can look better than he did when I created him from A. C. Highfield's Kabbalistic visualizations.

"Beni Elohim of Hod" is cut Color-Aid paper and gold foil paper on an acrylic airbrushed background, 7" x 10", January 1987.

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