Thursday, January 6, 2011

Virtual Life Drawing

In a recent post I lamented that the photo CD for "Art Models 5" didn't work. When I went to their site, I found that they were well aware of the problem and were ready to send me another copy that was functional. I asked for it, giving proof that I had indeed bought the book (serial number) and they sent me the new CD. It works fine now. "Art Models 5" is the best of the lot so far. The female and male models take interesting poses, the CD pictures are clear and nicely photographed, and it's easy to put the images up on the screen for "virtual life drawing." Yes, I know that nothing beats having a live model in front of you but I just can't get there right now. So I depend on these photos and pretend I am drawing a live model, giving myself a time limit and keeping the drawing sketchy. It's done on the Wacom tablet which does not have the resistance of a pencil on paper, so it is a different feel. But you can erase instantaneously, no eraser leavings all over your paper. I am not sure whether you are supposed to erase a life drawing anyway, so I left some of my initial placement lines in. I hope to continue doing these sketches in my virtual art studio which is just a 2-D screen and Photoshop and the plastic tablet.

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