Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hairdresser Sketches

Getting my hair done is boring, especially when I'm waiting for the dye to sink in. As they used to say on "Saturday Night Live," it is better to look good than to feel good. I don't have much to read there, so I bring my sketchbook and draw, while the smell of hair dye is pungent in my nose. I draw the bustling hairdressers, the rolling carts with tools and chemicals and towels on them, and the storefront architecture of the place. Sometimes, as you see, I draw my neighbor in the waiting and drying area. She looked a lot better after they washed, dried, and combed out her hair. I don't know whether I could say the same thing for me.

One thing I noticed there were magazines devoted to showing hair styles, which the ladies could look through to get ideas for their own coiffures. I had not thought of these mags as a resource before, but I have been looking for pretty lady faces to draw, and these hair models, in various types of light, will be good practice for my digital portrait faces of beautiful girls. I promptly went to the nearby bookstore and bought a hair mag. So much visual inspiration for me, so little art production.

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