Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Enlil Techno-mage in his studio

NoantriWorld again. Enlil, the great techno-mage, historian, academic, and media figure, spent his weekends in a seaside mansion on the Mediterranean coast. Even though Enlil was a monastic type, he seemed to gravitate to luxurious surroundings, all of which were made possible by admiring patrons. This is his studio in an upper room of the Mediterranean mansion. You can see some of the scenery out the windows, as well as a panoramic view out the turreted bay to the left. There are bookshelves filled with recorded media and texts, as well as memorabilia and collectibles. The long-haired mage himself sits at his computer table, perhaps pondering philosophical thoughts. Some of the things in that studio come from my own studio, for instance the three-drawer IKEA rolling cabinet directly to Enlil's right. So Enlil shopped at IKEA too.

Drawing from my "Noantri" notebook, ink and colored pencil, about 9" x 7", 2000.
Click on the picture for a somewhat larger view.

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