Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Green Arcs of Infinity

Here's another of my esoteric collage abstractions that had to be reconstructed in Photoshop. The shiny colored foil that I used did not show in the photograph. Most probably the whole thing has long since deteriorated and fallen apart, if the person who owns it even knows where it is. A lot of my art buyers back in the older days lived chaotic lives, moved constantly and were always on the brink of financial destitution. So after four or five moves, many of the small art pieces I sold them got lost in the perpetual shuffle. This one sold for a whopping $10 at a Pagan/esoteric convention in 1987. I know the guy who bought it, I see him at conventions occasionally. I might ask if I see him again, does he still have the art he bought from me and has it disintegrated.

"Green Arcs of Infinity" is collaged adhesive foil, foil paper, and Color-aid paper on a sprayed acrylic background, 7" x 10", January 1987.

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