Friday, January 28, 2011

Iris of the Blue Ray

Before "Blu-ray" was an optical disc format delivering your entertainment, it was the Blue Ray of the spiritual Spectrum, radiating peace and order and shining stars. In the early 1990s, along with a continuing series of "New Age" themed small paintings, I did a lot of flower images. I am a garden fan, and though I couldn't have a real dirt garden in my urban apartment, I've always had container plants and an indoor garden under lights. And I will always visit gardens if I can. Virginia in the spring is filled with flowers, from simple dandelions to the majestic German bearded iris that bloom in the middle of May. I did a lot of iris portraits, often with New Age motifs. This is one of them. Irises bloom in blue but the blue is most often tinged with purple. I tried to paint the flowers realistically here, though they are also floating in the spiritual firmament.

"Iris of the Blue Ray" is watercolor on illustration board, 6" x 10", May 1990.

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Tristan Alexander said...

I love the color, the stylization and just the whole look of this! It would look GREAT on a shirt!