Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pentecost Abstraction

This image is heavily restored, for the same reasons that the others were: the foil that I used would not register in the camera so it came out black rather than shiny. I tried to simulate the shiny foil in the colors I think it might have been. The photograph is poor no matter what and I've done my best with it. Somewhere buried in my cluttery art archives in a closet, I believe this collage creation still exists. But it is beyond my energy level these days to unearth it. Maybe someday I'll find it.

I meant it to be an abstract concept of Pentecost, the Christian event where, so the sacred narrative goes, tongues of fire descended on the Apostles, endowing them with the ability to speak any language they needed to preach the Gospel. I also did this concept as a felt banner, 3 feet by 6 feet, where I glued the shapes and shiny fabric on a black base. I donated that banner to a Jesuit residence house chapel, but since the Jesuits are long gone from that house, I doubt that the banner still exists, unless some Jesuit salvaged it, but they move too much to keep anything. I didn't get a photograph of the banner, unfortunately.

I apologize for posting too much vintage art, but tiring duty at the day job and freezing temperatures have made it difficult for me to create something original and new during the week.

"Pentecost" is 9" x 12", coated paper and foil collage on painted illustration board, October 1987.

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