Sunday, July 31, 2011

Career Boy

He was sitting at the window at Starbucks talking away to a girl acquaintance next to him, about his career, his MBA, the people he knew, his professors, meeting famous people, just going on, or as they say in business school, going forward. This young thing had done all the career sh*t that I had never done and would never do anyway. His resume could pulverize my resume any day. His laptop is full of business contacts and consulting work. My laptop is full of pictures of the Virginia countryside, and ambient music. I don't even bring my laptop to Starbucks. I'm not on the same page. I'm out of the loop.

I'm inspired by the work of Paul Madonna, whose "All Over Coffee" visual stories are amazing. I wish I could do work like Paul M, except that urban Northern Virginia isn't as full of wonderful things to draw as San Francisco is. So I resort to drawing what I see in Starbucks. All over coffee, indeed. I would love for something of mine to be published.

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